Nederburg | Fruit Sushi development

Source was contacted by Grand to develop the concept of ‘Frushi’ – sushi made only with fruit elements for the Nederburg stand at the Distell Trade Show hosted at the Lord Charles Hotel.

4 groups of 20 guests were presented with Nederburg’s new strategy for 2016. After the presentation the guests were invited to taste ‘frushi’ with the vision of awakening all five senses. Source was responsible for developing the frushi, presenting and plating for the event.

Our final product was delicate, interesting and beautiful. Instead of seaweed nori, we made a fresh raspberry leather, the rice was flavoured with coconut, ginger and lemongrass; we filled the California roll with fresh paw paw, kiwi and pinepapple. We replaced mayo with reduced coconut cream and made balsamic flavoured pearls to replace the caviar.