Video production and content now plays a vital role in any marketing strategy to keep brands in the limelight.  Source Food creates short to medium length cooking videos to digitally market your brand.  Quick cooking tips, kitchen hacks, how-to-videos and longer length cooking course episodes all form part of our repertoire.

Recipe Videos

We are experts at creating shareable video content for Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms to plug into content and marketing strategies.  From concept, recipe development and script to styling and production, we work within your brand guidelines to create media your clients and customers will love. This is an example of a short video we created for Pick n Pay’s Super Animals campaign launch.

How-to Videos

We also produce a wide range of ‘how-to’ videos.  These videos can range from cute and quirky DIY bar setups, to tips, tricks and life hacks.  Our team of creatives will conceptualise the best way to highlight your food and beverage brands for shareable online media content ideal for marketing.  This video was used together with photos we styled and photographed for a summer campaign to promote PnP liquor.  We created a trendy pop-up gin bar the consumer base can try at home.

Presenter-led Videos

Although quick, shareable videos are hot right now, our clients sometimes require something a little more substantial & professional.  This is a 12-episode South African recipe series that was aired online.

Our Clients