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Stellenbosch Wine Festival Presented By Pick n Pay

The Stellenbosch Wine Festival is an annual event for the Source Food team, and months  Read More>

The Perfect Easter Table

With Easter comes the Hot Cross Bun. The Hot Cross Bun is a spiced sweet  Read More>

The Cape Town Cycle Tour

This year marked the 40th annual Cape Town Cycle Tour and it is one of  Read More>

Dark Chocolate and Almond Torte | Recipe of the Month

If you want to impress your guests, this mouth-watering dark chocolate and almond torte is  Read More>

World Vegan Day | Recipe Of The Month

World Vegan Day promotes awareness of the ethical, health, and environmental benefits of a vegan  Read More>

Healthy Nut Date And Oats Bake

Have you been overindulging in comfort food to stay warm this month? Here’s a healthy,  Read More>

Chocolate Croissant And Butter Puddings

We promise you that this recipe will have your taste buds jumping for joy. Croissant  Read More>

Decadent Pear And Blackberry Crumble

For Hump Day, give this classic pudding served with Bulgarian yoghurt a try. It is  Read More>

A Tasty Treat, Kourambiedes

Greek shortbread cookies are quite popular during the Easter month. In case you have wanted  Read More>

Decadent Chocolate Brownies

A decadent after-dinner treat, Chocolate Brownies with Italian meringue topping, is certainly is a wonderful  Read More>