Source Food is a full-service consulting agency with years of experience in the kitchen as well as in assisting start-ups and existing businesses in optimizing their service or product. Our team of consultants are all fully trained chefs with individual experiences/skill sets to amplify our ability to create exceptional products. Also to strategize successful business models or market entry campaigns ensuring your success. From hotels, restaurants, QSR to new food or beverage product creation, we assess each project as unique and work with the client to find the most practical and effective plan to suit them as well as delivering on their objectives.

Food & Beverage Consulting Services

As with all of our services our consulting offering is tailored to the individual, we use our experience to advise and guide you to the best solution to meet your goals as a business in the food or beverage industry. With a dedicated team that keeps constantly ahead of the market trends, we can take you from concept to conclusion or simply assist you with your most immediate need to maximize your output. We have extensive experience both nationally and internationally across the continent.

New Product Development

New Product Development is an exciting but sometimes daunting path to take. The industry is one of limitless innovation. We can help you manifest your dream into not only a reality but also a delicious one at that.

Mapping an efficient and transparent pathway to help you refine your concept blueprint. By gathering essential market research to ensure that we develop with success in mind and assist in all profile development, mass production conversion and commercial requirements such as shelf life testing, nutritional reports all the way through to a marketing plan and market entry strategy. Through this full-scope approach, we are able to guarantee consistency throughout this exciting journey.

Full Consultancy

Full Consultancy is a service to assist start-ups or existing businesses within the hospitality industry with setting up delicious, profitable menus and concepts that keep you ahead of the trend.

With an in-depth knowledge of multiple services and food styles as well as implementation strategies, we can help assist you with developing menus that meet your price point, location, available production space and staff skill. Through rigorous testing and development, we create dishes that are tailored to your needs. We can also assist in the training of new &/or existing staff on the menu items as well as basic health & safety and required standard operating procedures. Including recommendations for equipment and kitchen layout design for optimized production flow.

Menu & Recipe Development

Menu & Recipe Development is a service that can also be isolated for existing concepts that are looking to update or diversify their offering. This can also be a worthwhile exercise for a business with a capable team who simply need an external perspective or inspiration.

This is also a valuable tool to use when looking to maximize the profitability of your food cost, rewriting recipes to a standard format and vetting current/potential suppliers. Our development kitchens both in Cape Town and Johannesburg are dedicated to building creative, high-quality dishes, providing you with a recipe guide needed to compete in an industry that demands excellence, no matter the location.

Staff Training & Recruitment

Staff Training in an industry with a reputation for high turnover is essential to ensure consistency, quality as well as profitability.

Poorly trained staff will increase the cost of production through wastage as well as impact the overall customer experience. Training can also be a great motivator for capable staff that you would like to retain the value of skills investment, knowledge transfer can be an effective reward and to build loyalty whether a new or existing business.

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures is essential for the effectiveness of running any kitchen. These are the start rules and procedures that create a clear and efficient production schedule.

From basic health and safety to ordering prep lists and reporting chains. It is a must for any professional kitchen to have a custom SOP pack that applies to their service style and layout that is regularly trained to ensure that they are being correctly applied. This guarantees clarity and safety for business owners as well as staff.

Our Work

Deli by Shell

In 2019 we started an exciting journey with the well known international petroleum brand. The Deli by Shell range is a global mandate across the brand that focuses on the development of a localised, wholesome convenience food offering within the forecourt, with chefs such as Jamie Oliver undertaking the challenges in other regions, Source Food was privileged to steer the project for South Africa.

Designing and developing an inclusive menu with a variety or prepared grab and go solution as well as fresh fare was an exciting challenge for our team. The undertaking included the development of the branding, packaging solutions, the implementation of a national training program plus the marketing collateral.

This project is the perfect example of how Source Food can create and elevate a large scale brand concept nationwide.

Consulting in the Congo

Our team had the pleasure of executing a full-scale consultancy in the Democratic Republic of Congo working with a national retail brand to assist them in launching into the hospitality industry. With the creation of 4 Quick Service Restaurant concepts.

We developed menu styles that would meet the tastes of their target market whilst also exceeding expectations. We developed unique products to give them a competitive edge with developers and suppliers, setting up long-lasting relationships. One of the primary requirements of this consultancy was to design a menu and training material that would fulfil the “fast food” requirements of service whilst also training a workforce with limited to no experience within the food industry.

The reward of being able to create new career opportunities for 30+ young Congolese workers was the highlight of an exciting project.

Hotel Highlights

We embarked on this large-scale rejuvenation of the food offering for the largest South African hotel group.

Identifying their 3 tiers of customer profiles through their 3 brand subcategories. Developing a progressive range of dishes to satisfy the LSM range within the group. The consultancy required the creation of all menus and recipes across 63 locations simultaneously.

This was a great example of our creativity around the development of menus and recipes as well as our deep understanding of quality control and the need for consistency across a national brand.

Plant Focus

This full-scale consultancy started with the successful translation of a client concept into a viable model in our recent Holistic plant-based restaurant with the goal of the final concept being easily duplicated for multiple locations.

Full concept blueprint, establishing key USP’s differentiating them in the market while also guiding and informing all critical development points of the project. A few areas of focus revolved around developing delicious recipes that are easily executed within the service style and also making aware of the price point in a style of cuisine that is seen as expensive.

The objectives are and will continue to be to bring accessible plant-based eating to the masses, which we will continue to do through this long-term consultancy.

Menu Update

A great example of supplementing an existing offering to help a Durban based catering client in diversifying their menu to expand their appeal to new markets.

By understanding their target audience, using our knowledge of the consumer we designed menu items and recipes that were complementary to their existing offering whilst also lifting them to a more profitable and exciting market.

We also assisted with the styling and food photography to help them communicate their new offering.




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