Fruitspot | Cape Town Launch

For the launch of the Cape Town factory of the Johannesburg-based fruit & veg supplier, Fruitspot, we created a display to showcase all the fruit and veg and different cuts of produce they supply.

We arranged everything from equipment, bar set up, flower arrangements to waiters, signage and product display.  There was no kitchen on site, so our team set up a full kitchen in the Fruitspot offices.  All canapés were created using Fruitspot fruit and veg, one of our favourites being the little ‘veggie patch’ showcasing baby carrot, radish and baby corn on a basil mousse with olive soil.

Besides designing the new logo for Fruitspot, Source Food was also responsible for organising take-home gifts; a growing pot of herbs with a label including the Fruitspot details, and a topper to detail how to take care and water it.  This tied in with the brand’s tag line “anything fresher is still growing”.  We also designed nametags, a banner wall, aprons and display tags to add to the messaging of the fruit and veg table display.