Source Food offers full-service experiential food marketing promotional solutions for food and beverage brands.

Through creative thinking and our talented staff, we drive positive results through our understanding of the relationship people have with food.

SASKO, Distell and Pick ‘n Pay are just a few brands that have benefited from our experiential food marketing. Some services that we offer include chef demonstrations,

hands on cooking classes and food experiences. Have a look at our experiential food marketing portfolio and see how some company’s have benefited from partnering with us.

We ensure that our clients are a big part of the process and will sit with them during the concept stages and work out a unique consumer and food experience that will encourage sharing and promotion through digital media. Get in touch with the Source Food team and find out how we can create a delicious food marketing activation for your brand today.

Interactive Chef Demonstrations & Customer Experiences

We are experts at creating exciting on-brand, hands-on chef demonstrations where customers can experience chef demonstrations, interactive cooking classes as well as the art of pairing food and drinks. We create clever ways to teach guests how to make everyday ingredients into swish looking canapés in the wine & canapé theatre, and handle all staffing and basic logistics on site for our areas. This is an example of a chef demonstration we did for the Taste Festival with Chef Tjaart leading the show.

Promotional Activations & Media Hampers

Our team of creatives will conceptualise and develop the best promotional activations and experiences to market your brand to the media or consumers.  We’ll introduce clever recipes, designed material and exciting accompanying items to highlight your food or beverage brand.  This is an example of a hamper we developed for Jupiter Drawing Room & SASKO to promote SASKO to the media and bloggers for Ultimate Braai Master.  We developed a pot brood recipe, designed an instructional recipe card, and filled the potjie with recipe and utility goodies.

Interactive, Paired & Themed Experiences

We create food experiences to promote food and beverage brands, as well as corporate or private experiences.  We conceptualise and develop amazing experiential menus that will allow guests to interact through touch, taste and smell. Gastronomy, virtual reality, creative food and beverage pairings and much more form part of our repertoire.  Send your clients on an exciting adventure with an incredible memorable food experience!




Looking For Experiential Food Marketing Services?

If you are looking to promote your brand through our experiential food marketing methods, get in touch today and find out how we can create a personal and interactive marketing activation that will have people talking long after the event ends.