Source Food concepts uses our expertise in both the kitchen and the marketing industry to communicate your key brand objectives through creative mediums. Harnessing our skills in either digital content creation or the design and execution of tactile experiences. Our exclusive focus on the food and beverage industries allows us to exercise cutting edge creativity that leaves a long lasting impression.

Marketing Services

Our services are available as an agile turnkey solution to help you define and communicate your product/brand persona from concept to conclusion. Alternatively, you are able to select the best service that suits your needs and we will assist in producing the ultimate outcome for your objectives.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy development is a broad blueprint that we develop in collaboration with our clients that utilizes our insights into Food, Beverage and adjacent brands.

Knowing the ultimate goal of the business, we research the competitive market, identify the ideal consumer profiles, the best strategy to communicate to them and, most importantly clearly mapped activities to action. Whether it is a product, a restaurant or a concept we can assist you.

Design Creation

Design creation specific to food and beverage is a unique understanding of how best to position your product in a way that is not only appetizing but also informative is a fine balance.

There are different strategies around communicating with varied audiences that will be effective and our internal design team is experienced in ensuring that the look and feel of each communication compliment the brand. Point of Sales material, Website design, Brand guide development and much more…

Promotional Food Concepts

Promotional Food Concepts is the development of ideas that drive and inspire tactile experiences for your brand/product.

Innovation and trendsetting is the name of the game here aimed at media, influencers as well as consumers. Our goal is to create a memorable and impactful representation of your product/brand. This can be through media drops, private immersive events or designed interactive events.


Activations can be powerful public experiences that allow you to draw potential and existing customers in to experience your brand in a new and exciting way.

Chef demonstrations, interactive pairings and pop up concepts, all can be activated at festivals, events or in store. We can assist in the concept design as well as the implementation through our vast network of chefs and presenters. Scripted to deliver the most ideal return to you.

Food Styling & Photography

Food Styling & Photography is essential to create a strong and appealing visual representation of your product is key.

Using our extensive network of experienced stylists and photographers we can find the perfect solution for your style and budget. A service we provide to either supplement your existing strategy or form a part of our full concept marketing consultancy.

Video & Content Creation

Video & Content Creation is a style of communication that has seen a massive upturn through the boom in digital platforms, creating versatile intelligent content that is inspirational and informative.

With clear product/brand values we are able to script, style and shoot video content in any format to be hosted on any platform to suit your budget.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management is essential in a time where consumers expect 2-way communication and brand accountability.

There is incredible opportunity to clearly engage through your brand person, developing customer loyalty and convert prospective consumers. As the Food & Beverage specialists, we understand your product/brand the market and the customer, putting us in a position to develop effective social media schedules and successful posts.

Our Work


Source Food has had the amazing opportunity over the last 2 years to fly the flag for South African talent collaborating with International fitness brand CrossFit. Using our local videographers, stylists and talented chefs to create recipe videos that has been shared across the globe within the CrossFit community.

Tasked unique challenge of balancing functional foods with inspired flavour combinations in order to create beautiful content aligned with CrossFit’s brand identity and ethos. We have created over 240 custom recipes and videos that have been shared across multiple continents.

PnP Click ‘n Cook

Offering our services in marketing creation, we used our skills in design, styling, photography and videography to develop this campaign driven strategy to encourage the use of PnP DotCoZA as a grocery delivery site through meal boxes that we developed.

SASKO Chef’s Kitchen

This is an annual event that is covered by media and influencers across the country. We work with the national powerhouse SASKO to create an interactive and memorable experience for the audience that is on trend and on brand.

Kenwood Lifestyle Shoot

A great example of bringing the human element to your brand.

Braun Heritage Day

We work with multiple international brands in creating localized content and campaigns that speak directly to their consumer whilst still representing their strong global brand values. This was a video campaign that linked through to a microsite build of specially designed recipes that drove sales directly to their e-commerce partners.




    Looking For Food Marketing Services?

    If you are looking to promote your brand through our Food Marketing methods, get in touch today and find out how we can create a personal and interactive marketing activation that will have people talking long after the event ends.