We are a specialist activation agency for food brands.


Creative content to promote and market your brand.

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Pick n Pay | Instagram Series

Pick n Pay | Recipe Cards

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We offer full service marketing solutions and strategies for food and beverage brands.

Source Food Concepts communicates key brand objectives through creative mediums to create long lasting impressions.


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Our food consulting services utilises our specialised team to guide your business to success through market research, training and product development.

Source Food is a full-service consulting agency with a team of specialised chef’s, food scientists and product developers who assist start-ups and existing businesses in optimising their service or product.

From hotels, restaurants and quick service restaurants (QSR) to new food and beverage product creation, we assess each project as unique and work with the client to find the most practical and effective plan while delivering on their objectives.

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Our events team offers comprehensive services in large scale event coordination & creative catering for corporate events.

On-brand corporate catering, is our speciality.

Creating bespoke catering solutions which are campaign specific, on brand and themed.
We use our high-end trained chefs and in-house production team to take catering to another level.

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New Product Development

The Food and Beverage Business Accelerator.
Sprout cultivates and grows F&B businesses of all sizes.

SPROUT by Source Food is a collaborative F&B business accelerator. Focusing on both F&B start-ups as well as existing businesses. SPROUT provides entrepreneurs and businesses alike, with the knowledge, skills and resources to take their product to market.

SPROUT is able to assist any business in any stage of their product development journey with in-depth knowledge in all phases of the development process. Whether you need assistance from the concept to completion or if you just need help transitioning into the industry, let Source Food be your one-stop shop for all NPD needs.


A vegan and gluten-free, premixed frozen cookie dough that can be sliced and placed straight into the oven for baking. Combining allergen-friendly with convenience, this product provides a sweet treat to consumers. The product was packaged into carefully curated packaging to ensure an eye-catching product that can withstand the freezer conditions.


A CBD energy drink flavoured with naartjie, wild ginger and ginseng.


A bespoke range of fruity alcoholic beverages, sweetened naturally with fruit juice. Two flavours of vodka fruit spritzers were created and packed into 250 ml cans with creative logo and packaging designs to communicate fun brand messaging.


A range of mushroom gels named Boost, Zen and Power with the use of Reishi, Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane. Packaged with custom illustrations and bespoke designs, this is functional foods at its finest.


A rooibos tea farmer wanted to utilise their products to create a rooibos kombucha. A product was created that contained live cultures, was preservative free and naturally effervescent with the inclusion of organic rooibos. The products are displayed in glass bottles.


A range of energy, protein and recovery bars that are scientifically formulated for pre-teens.


A vegan lifestyle bar enriched with plant protein and enrobed in chocolate.


A cucumber drinking yoghurt drink was created for our Turkish clients looking for a taste of home. A delicious savoury drink, known as Ayran in Turkey, can be drunk out the bottle or paired with savoury dishes. The product was packed in special biodegradable bottles to ensure it remains environmentally friendly.