Butter is transforming from bread’s humble companion, to being a highly valued flavour carrier! The art of “craft” producing artisanal goods has skyrocketed in the past 10 years from beers, to cured meats, pasta, breads and all kinds of sweets. Butter is the new star of the “craft” realm, proving to be more than a simple spread for ones baked goods.

Craft butters are being used to elevate dishes through infusing butters with unique ingredients, that pair with the meal to create interesting and delicious flavour profiles. Different variants of dairy and other milks, such as goat and sheep’s milk, are used to give each butter a particular flavour. Other ingredients can also added to the butter to give it its own “craft” taste. Salts, spices, herbs and even things such as maple or honey can be added, creating a variety of flavours and colours!

Basil and lemon butter with white fish, spiced pecan and maple butter on french toast; or an anchovy and flat leaf parsley butter served with steak would make perfect pairings. Craft butters are something that can so easily be whipped up at home using a few simple, good quality ingredients. It is a fun kitchen experiment that is definitely worth a try, or if you’re less inclined to cooking yourself, there are so many local farms and foodies who produce their own!