We create food experiences to promote food and beverage brands, as well as corporate or private experiences.  We conceptualise and develop amazing experiential menus that will allow guests to interact through touch, taste and smell. Gastronomy, virtual reality, creative food and beverage pairings and much more form part of our repertoire. Have a look at our experiential food marketing portfolio and see how company’s have benefited from partnering with us. Source Food offers full-service experiential food marketing promotional solutions for food and beverage brands.

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What is Virtual Reality?


Virtual Reality (VR) is the computer – and camera – generated creation of a seemingly real, three-dimensional experience using electronic equipment, such as a helmet or goggles containing a screen.

Virtual reality presents a unique and forward-thinking opportunity for marketing agencies, such as ourselves, to reach a completely immersed audience. Source Food creates a leading-edge food and beverage brand marketing experiences that is able showcase your brand, using virtual reality.

The reason that virtual reality works so well as a marketing tool is because the VR environment is immersive and changes as you move through and interact with it. Your brain truly believes that you are there.

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What makes our experience so unique and different?


We add cues that lead you in the right direction in your virtual reality adventure. Through smell, and sound we will tell you where to look in order to get the full wonder of the adventure. The virtual environment that we create will perfectly represent your food brand.

Food has unrealised beauty, and the bespoke dishes that we create, along with the experiences that we create realise this beauty and promote your brand and the full experience of sectors of your product that are beyond most people’s reach.

Source will provide your company with the opportunity to present your customers with an immersive brand experience. Talk to us to find out how your brand can benefit from partnering with us.

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Our featured dish for this experience is wild mushroom arancini balls. The dish has been plated on locally foraged driftwood surrounded by forest pine needles and pinecones. In the VR adventure we used the element of smell by recreating the aromas of a wild forest.